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Brazilian Sugaring

Swimsuit Ready At All Times


 Services Offered


I specialize in sugaring brazilians.   I focus on delivering a consistent result at an efficient pace.  Average brazilian service time is 7-10 minutes. Really.  Using superior products to ensure the best results. Limited services to small areas only (I don't do large areas or whole body sugaring).


PRICING: Waxy Moon mainly does brazilian sugaring. We try to price our services in an inclusive way so this service is more accessible to all budgets.  To accomplish this we adopted a sliding scale structure.  Please pay what you're able to within the posted range of $35 ------> $80

Forms of Payment Accepted: Venmo / PayPal / ApplePay via Text / Cash (no credit card swipe available)


Please respect my time as much as I respect yours.  Please try to limit reschedules and cancellations as I am not very flexible on appointments. Thank you.

Sugaring / Waxing Cancellation or Reschedule Policy:  

Same Day cancellation or reschedule $40 Fee

Less than 24 Hour Notice $25 Fee

24 Hour to 7 Day Notice $15 Fee

There are no exceptions for covid related issues such as but not limited to exposures, quarantines, testing etc. I understand covid is a fluid situation, however it has been too impactful for me to continue to cover the cost and volume of these types of requests.

General Hours - Please Read In Full

Monday to Thursday 12:00 - 6:40

I book clients in 20 minute intervals. This means being late is not an option. If you are more than 5 minutes late you'll be asked to pay the same day fee of $40 and rebook. Please don't make me be a big meanie. Please don't show up at 6 minutes late saying "sorry traffic was bad can I just do it quickly"....the answer is no, "sorry" doesn't turn back time. It's never personal, it's business. 


Plan for unpredictable TRAFFIC and PARKING.

You are free to use the load/unload zones located around the building. They are not zoned commercial and you will not be here for more than 30 minutes.

Masks Required Still

Yes I am still requiring masks in the salon.  It's quite nice not to get sick with other things as well as covid. If you forget your mask you have two options.  I do not have "extra" masks to give away:

1.  Purchase a disposable mask for $10. Yes it's a high price, but guess what , you probably won't forget again.

2.  Pay the same day cancellation price of $40 and reschedule to the next available option.

In other words....DON'T FORGET YOUR MASK ... please

I also offer advanced brazilian sugaring training for those that have esthetician license, sugaring certification and beginning knowledge of brazilian sugaring.  This is advanced training in person hands on. Rate: $300 per hour



The best brazilian sugar!  She is so quick and inexpensive! It is beyond worth it.  I will never go back to waxing or shaving....

Everyone has said it already but April is awesome!  April is quick, reasonably priced, professional and friendly.  

Getting waxed is a very personal experience and she makes it extremely comfortable.  She is incredibly personal but also very professional

Visit Us

2307 E Madison Street, Seattle, WA

Best Reached Via Text Message  \  Tel: 206.334.7478


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